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It Is Wise To Think About God’s Wisdom At All Times

It Is Wise To Think About God’s Wisdom At All Times
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“I rise early, before the sun is up; I cry out for help and put my hope in your words. I stay awake through the night, thinking about your promise.” (Psalm 119:147-148 NIV)

If you have ever been so perplexed by your life that you have experienced sleepless nights, you know that your thoughts can dart all over the place when you are stressed out! Ah, the anxiety that often settles in as you try to juggle work and family in this go-go-go-world! What could an ancient poet possibly know that may help us navigate these troubled waters?

Let’s reread the portion and see if we can gain some wisdom that may be helpful today. We see the writer getting up early before the sun rises. Before anyone else can get to him, he meets with the Lord and reads His Word. As he cries out to God for help, he determines that he will put his hope in God’s words, not mere humans’ words. He can put his hope in the words of the Lord because he spent his sleepless night thinking about God’s promises to him.

If you have ever spent a sleepless night, it was most likely filled with restless thoughts as you tossed and turned in your sheets. Also, you most certainly use your imagination to envision some pretty scary and painful scenarios in which you fail abysmally in your effort to improve your situation.

The psalmist, being a wise man, instead of worrying, spent his sleepless night meditating on the promises of God. Instead of becoming a murmuring, complaining, and disappointed man, he chose to turn God’s wisdom over and over in his thoughts. Instead of fixating on his problems, he focused on God’s promises. He decided to take the Medication of Word Meditation for his perplexing situation (smile)!

You and I can learn from the wisdom of the psalmist. In our darkest moments, we can light up our thoughts with the potential of God’s fulfilled promises in our lives. We can arise early in the mornings by crying out to our God and Savior.

We can put our hope in His words of wisdom. We, too, can remind ourselves of God’s Word by meditation by night and Word application by day. It is wise to think about God’s wisdom at all times!

Excerpted from The Daily Christian: Wisdom by Iann Schonken.

Action Steps

  1. Agree with yourself that you will become a person who will arise early to meet with the Lord. If you are distressed, talk to God first and put your trust in His promises as contained in His Word.
  2. If you should ever find yourself unable to sleep, read and meditate on God’s promises and principles. Illuminate your imagination with God’s promises instead of the darkness of unresolved problems in your life.
  3. Ask the Lord to expose any lies you may believe. Ask Him to give you the grace to live by the truths you have received from Him.
  4. Remind yourself that the wise think about God’s Word day and night!