Peace Is A Blessing From The Lord

Peace Is A Blessing From The Lord
Photo by Illiya Vjestica / Unsplash
The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.  – Psalm 29:11 NLT

If you have ever lived in an adversarial environment, you will have no problem understanding that peace, in contrast, is a huge blessing. If you have ever grown up with verbal and physical abuse, you have no problem acknowledging that peace is a highly desirable alternative. If you saw the horrors of war, you will have no difficulty understanding that peace is a precious gift.

Psalm 29:11 makes it clear that peace is one of the blessings God gives to His children. As believers, we look forward to eternity with God because we imagine Heaven to be a place saturated with God’s presence and peace. Also, knowing that God desires for us to experience peace here on earth inspires me to reach for more peace in my heart, my home, and my work situation. It gives me the confidence to boldly ask God for more calm, and if there is no peace, to ask God for the strength to prevail to obtain it.

In history, great wars had been fought to secure peace between neighboring clans and countries. Peace doesn’t come without sacrifice. Sometimes we have to engage the enemy to reclaim our inheritance from the Lord.

For example, God promised the Israelites the blessings and provision of the Promised Land.