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The Wise Person Loves the Word Of God

The Wise Person Loves the Word Of God
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“Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.” (Psalm 119:97 ESV)

We recently rearranged our garage to install some new shelves along the walls. We had to get into some old boxes we hadn’t opened since we moved into our home five years ago. As we dug into these boxes, we came across some old love letters and birthday cards. It was such a joy to reminisce and laugh with our grown sons as we showed them some of the cards they wrote us when they were barely in grade school.

My wife and I smiled as we read our old love letters. We poured over the many words of love and heartache we shared as we were apart months before we got married. Many cards contained words of wisdom and encouragement that served us well in those seasons. I just loved reading those words of love from my loved ones back then. I could see that their love for us and each other had grown stronger even in the intervening years.

The psalmist reacted similarly whenever he read God’s love letter to His beloved people. I believe the law, principles, and admonition from God to His people are words of love and not hate. God does not want to limit us. No! God wants to liberate each of His people to live the best life possible as He carefully guides and guards them in a treacherous world!

Initially, it may seem as if God’s wisdom denies us a fulfilling life. Once you learn to obey and trust God’s wisdom, you realize that all God’s wisdom is directed toward securing a fantastic future for us. That is why the psalmist ponders and mulls over the words of God. This realization that God’s law is a huge blessing usher the believer into a place where whatever God wants us to know becomes precious!

It is not just a book of laws. Indeed, it is a book filled with the love of God, preserving us to enjoy a most excellent future. That is why the wise person loves and meditates upon the Word of God!

Excerpted from The Daily Christian: Wisdom by Iann Schonken.

Action Steps

  1. There is no good reason to neglect reading and pondering the meaning of God’s Word. Let’s not allow ourselves to forget about God’s great love for us! Almost like those love letters in our garage, the Word of God reveals His love for His people.
  2. If God so loved us that He made sure to leave us a book filled with His wisdom and care, let’s love Him back by rejoicing in His love daily as we read and obey His Word.