The Wise Put Their Trust In God And Refuse To Fear What Mere Humans Can Do To Them

The Wise Put Their Trust In God And Refuse To Fear What Mere Humans Can Do To Them
Photo by Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash

From early childhood, our parents instill a healthy fear of hurt, harm, and danger in each of us. We learn to respect the burner on the stove and that we should not speak to strangers. When our parents tell us that the world can be scary, we believe them and develop a particular vigilance to ensure that we do not expose ourselves to unnecessary risk.

A great deal of that fear or caution is needed and healthy. However, our natural fears must be balanced with our faith in God. Let’s use David, a shepherd boy, as our example as we imagine ourselves in his situation. Yes, as you look at the Philistine Goliath, he is a giant, and you should respect the possibility that he may hurt you and brutally kill you. However, when the Lord begins to work in your heart that you need to face Goliath for the sake of God’s people, you must bring your faith to balance out your natural fears. You cannot fear people and please the Lord. You must deliberate pivot from fear to trust as you obey the Lord.

Many years after defeating Goliath to great acclaim, David wrote Psalm 56 while he was held captive by the same Philistines in Gath. The people who captured him had every reason to torture and ultimately kill him for the defeats he handed them in the past. However, David wrote this psalm to praise God and make his case before the Lord. He acknowledged that his fear was real but chose to trust God instead.

David praised God for His promises instead of complaining about his apparent problems. He asked himself an essential question in the middle of his fears:

“I trust in God. Why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?”

It is so crucial for us to trust God and not people. Too often, we run to the counterfeit refuges of our human relationships when the only true Refuge is God Himself. Only God can keep us safe from evil people. Even this portion from the Book of Proverbs emphasizes that life-changing reality:

“Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the LORD means safety.” (Proverbs 29:25 NLT)

If you want to be safe from scheming, selfish, angry people, you must balance out your natural fears and need for self-preservation with a solid faith in God, where you will experience actual safety.

By the way, God always rescued David from whoever tried to capture or kill him. He died at a good old age, and his writings still encourage people today. Please be encouraged when waves of fear and trepidation wash over you. When God elevates you, nobody can demote you!

Every day is an adventure when that kind of confidence comes into your life. You don’t run from life’s challenges because God is for you. If God is for you, who can be against you? Make a declaration for yourself and say, “I will not fear people. I will not fear what they can do to me. I will put my trust in God!”

Remember that the wise put their trust in God and refuse to fear what mere humans can do to them!

Excerpted from The Daily Christian: Wisdom by Iann Schonken.

Action Steps

  1. Have you been upset and fearful for your safety or livelihood lately? Let’s choose to trust God! Join King David and declare that you refuse to trust your fears even if your worst enemies capture you!
  2. Praise God for what He promised you in His Word. Take a minute and recite some of the extraordinary promises to you.
  3. If you don’t know any promises in the Word, just read Deuteronomy 28, where Moses listed the blessings that await those who obey the Lord. Just reading those promises is uplifting! Or, read Psalm 23 and thank the Lord that He is a good shepherd who guides, guards, and governs your life.
  4. Remind yourself that God is a mighty partner. You no longer have to fear people and their adverse reactions to your faith in God!