Jesus Gave Us Peace With The Father

Jesus Gave Us Peace With The Father
Photo by Carlos Arthur M.R / Unsplash
Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us. – Romans 5:1 NLT

Jesus bridged the gap between you and God. He came to earth and died for our sins. It was a gift. As we put our faith in Jesus, we receive the gift of God’s forgiveness. We can return to God’s family table to have communion with the Lord. That means we have a brand new identity in Christ. The old feelings of guilt can be left behind for good.

Sadly, for many people, it is tough to let those old feelings of condemnation go. They feel uneasy and stressed out whenever they try to talk to God. To them, it still feels like God can turn on them at any moment to judge or reject them. According to Henri Nouwen (an author and theologian), some of those feelings come from lies many believers still believe about their identities [1]:

  1. I am what I own.
  2. I am what I do.
  3. I am what other people say or think about me.
  4. I am nothing more than my worst moment to date.
  5. I am nothing less than my best moment to date.

It is impossible to live at peace with God and yourself when you believe such lies about who you are. It is impossible because you cannot ever feel like you have enough, do enough, be liked enough, or be good enough to earn God’s favor!