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We Are Back From Africa!

We Are Back From Africa!

After wrestling with jet and time lag for the past few days, I have the energy to report that Dr. Johann Schonken and I are back in the U.S. of A. after our outreaches in Africa. (Smile)

My brother had a more extensive trip than mine, but I joined him for just over a week in Zambia to wrap up a series of training sessions for the School of Advanced Ministry.

You may have read our previous reports, but S.O.A.M. serves to train seasoned pastors and church leaders to advance and enlarge their ministry endeavors. S.O.A.M. is part of the Global Institute for Advanced Ministry, a joint endeavor with my brother, Dr. Johann Schonken, who has had an extensive mission operation to the nations for close to 40 years.

Since January this year, we have trained 728 seasoned ministers through S.O.A.M. We are so happy to report that 361 ministers have qualified to receive their diplomas so far this year! (I have included some graduation moments in the photos and videos in this update.)

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare our hearts to minister in beautiful Madagascar in June, where we anticipate reaching thousands during an outdoor crusade in Mahajunga, and hundreds of pastors in our advanced ministry training seminars across that great island nation.

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Iann Schonken